AJ-100 series Sprinkler Hose, sprinkler tape, rain tape, rain pipe, rain hose, spray tube, soaker hose, spray hose, irrigation hose, kansui tube, selang irigasi

2 sprinkler hoses togather


Twin Sprinkler Hose, sprinkler tape, rain tape, rain pipe, rain hose, spray tube, soaker hose, kansui tube, selang irigasi


  • AJ-102 twin sprinkler hose: two hoses of width 50mm run together. It is steady when it is sprinkling then keep sprinkling direction correct. There is only 1 diameter for this type. 
  • Sprinkler hose is a tape like flat garden hose. This flat garden hose have many tiny holes on the flat hose wall. It a micro irrigation system, mistier than any irrigation sprinklers. We can easily install several sprinkler hoses with T fittings, rigid pipes or flexible pipes and control valve as a farm irrigation system which easy to be maintained, cost-efficient, easy block elimination, short irrigation time, low irrigation pressure & energy. It is useful for field irrigation of crops in dry farmland.
  • There are different ways to sprinkle for different farming such as open field, greenhouse, net house etc. This flat hose is especial useful for the plants which need water in short time.
  • Useful life of sprinkler hose is around 2 to 5 years depended on your need.

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AJ-102 twin sprinkler hose: two sprinkler hoses of width 50mm run together. It is steady when it is sprinkling then keep sprinkling direction correct. There is only 1 diameter for this type.


Two perforated go along together to keep perforations spray not turn aside.
Size Each hose folded width Length
1 1/4” 50 mm *2 100 m

Safety/Quality Approvals

ISO9001:2015, TÜV Rheinland

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  1. Our company can design and produce different types of perforation on this flat hose for different farm agriculture planting.

  2. There are different types of hose and different diameter of main sprinkling hose for different planting. The sprinkler hoses are laid on ground except AJ-104H or AJ-105 hanging sprinkler hose. All of them are flexible tubes.

  3. Sprinkler Hose is also named rain tape, rain hose, perforated hose, soaker hose, soaker tape, emitter hose, fountain tube, kansui tube etc.

  4. While make sprinkler hose watering in the farmland, close the end of hose with end clip and fill the water into the hose. Most of the time it is used to sprinkle that makes it spreds evenly on the farmland at 2 sides of the hose and keep not to be blocked up. Specially if the water is clean it is not necessary to use filter. If the water is not very clean just to open the end of the sprinkler hose sometimes and let the sand in the hose flushed out.

  5. An Jarl enterprise co., ltd. Beginning to be a workshop, has been a manufacturer of farm irrigation & farm implements for more than 30 years. In 1985 it was established to be a limited company.

  6. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified factory is in Kaohsiung, a city at southern Taiwan.

  7. Firstly we produced sprinkler hose & flat hose in Taiwan. Now we are growing to be an expert supplier in more farm accessories & farm agriculture irrigation system these years.

  8. Gradually our product series was expanded to mulch film, tunnel greenhouse films, accessories for agriculture & horticulture, irrigation sprinklers, micro irrigation sprinklers, field irrigation implements, cooling & moisture system, flat garden hose, soaker hose, flexible pipe, seedling trays, insecticide fog sprayer, fog nozzles, agriculture net etc. 

  9. Our products are used in many farmlands for the planting of melons, fruits, vegetables, trees, tea, flowers and so on. Our customers are distributed throughout Taiwan, Japan, China and Southeast Asia, U.S.A etc. In recent years we have specially supplied many sprinkler hoses for farm irrigation of oil palms nursery in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Our products were the first choice to replace the high quality products made in Japan.

  10. Now we are expanding our farm equipment to more and more ranges. Besides products that are used in the open farmland, we also supply the accessories used in net houses and greenhouses. Our brand “DEAR DEER” is well-known in many farm agriculture area.

  11. The other new products are hanging sprinkler hose which can be hung indoors and outdoors to make a misty micro irrigation and let farmers have free space for land work. Besides farm parts the other business in our company is to be an ODM & OBM factory in plastic injection and extrusion. Except to manufacture agriculture & garden implements, we manufacture accessories of water purify system, sanitary ware etc. for some famous brands in Taiwan. Of course we produce T fitting & other fittings for irrigation systems also.

  12. We create new items every year, hear from customers and develop the products they need.

  13. The final target to us is to be a worldwide leader in the suppliers of agriculture & garden accessories in the near future.

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