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If you are farming, whether it is in the hot sun or in the cold wind, you always work tirelessly, just like taking care of your own children, thinking about your crops and creating the most suitable growth environment for them. You irrigate, fertilize, weed, and control pests and diseases every day. You even have to provide them with shade under sun, shelter from cold, exclude waterlogging, and response to weather changes, as well as many trivial tasks. The purpose is to make them healthy and strong, let them give you the best harvest. When presented in front of consumers, let consumers' eyes brighten up.

Of course, in the market, you prefer that they can sell a good price you deserve, under the appreciation of consumers, to reward you for your hard work these days.

But things don't always work out the way we want them to. In agriculture, labor shortages and rising labor costs have become the norm. Consumers' demands for food safety, society's expectations for a friendly natural environment, coupled with the changing climate of the earth, make it more and more difficult to care for crops, and farming is more and more challenging and costly.

Fortunately, farmers are smart enough to meet these challenges. They use various methods and use various equipment, tools and machinery to improve agricultural methods and simplify work. The yield of the crop is thereby increased even further, and the quality of the crop is improved. Provide more and better produce than ever before with less labor.

The mission of An Jarl Enterprise Co., Ltd. is to work with farmers to provide farmers' needs and solve farmers' problems. Make agriculture a modern industry and make farming more convenient, labor-saving and environmentally friendly. And then increase the output and quality of agricultural products, so that farmers get due benefits.

To really help farmers we do not produce low-quality products. We don't want the products to be at fault while farmers are using them for their work. That makes the farmers sweat profusely trying to remedy. We also do not let the product's effectiveness to help crops lose its effect, and do not want to let the defect of products damage the crops. We want our products to help farmers achieve exactly what they want to achieve. There is no increase in labor, no waste of time, and no loss of results.

Based on the same philosophy, we do not let distributors get negative comments from customers, nor let distributors let go of their busy work to deal with customer complaints, or to do some after-sales services that would not otherwise happen.

The more firmly we refuse to produce inferior products, the easier it will be for our customers.

An Jarl enterprise co., ltd. is a manufacturer of various items for farm irrigation & lots of kinds of farm equipment for over 40 years in TAIWAN.

Our product series can be roughly classified as:
1. Sprinkler hose irrigation system for micro irrigation.
2. Mulch film for weed and pest control..
3. Sprinkler irrigation system, sprinklers and pipes.
4. Drip irrigation system, white drip tape and fittings.
5. Soaker hose for watering or aeration.
6. Net house and anti-hail net accessories, top support cap and others.
7. Greenhouse accessories, spring and lock channel etc.
8. Slide gate irrigation system for furrow or flood irrigation..
9. Other farm equipment such as ground stakes, seedling tray, insecticide spray gun and high pressure hose.

Back in 1985 we reorganized our company as a limited corporation. Meanwhile we got the certification approved by ISO for more than 17 years, which just upgraded to ISO 90001:2015 at the year of 2019.

Our factory is located in Kaohsiung, a southern harbor city of Taiwan. And we are now experts in manufacturing and supply for most farming accessories, equipment & agricultural irrigation systems.

Our customers are located in more than 40 countries all over the world, including Japan, USA, China, Latin America, Africa and South East Asia etc.

We get a good reputation from our clients for our products are reliable, the price is reasonable, and we do our best to meet customers' demands.

That makes our brand “DEAR DEER”welcomed in many country / regions with good reputation.

We always keep our innovation and creation to create new items every year, to listen to what customers need, meet their demand and keep improving for their best farming.
Our goal is to become one of the world leaders to fulfill all aspects of what our customers need, not only agriculture but also garden equipment, in the future.

We are glad to receive clients' inquiry or advice. Please mail to our mail box deardeer@anja.com.tw to contact us if you have any inquiry or advice to us.



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This is the link of PDF file of D-U-N-S® Certified Report for your company.
鄧白氏第三方企業認證報告PDF檔連結下載: https://dunscertified.dnb.com.tw/en/DUNSCertifiedProfile/DCP656403946

TUV Rhrinland Certification

TUV Rhrinland Certification

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TUV Rhrinland Certification Date of Issue 2017/11/08



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The deer is a symbol of happiness and good luck. Imagine the feeling of happiness, at Christmas, bells jingling, reindeer pull a sleigh to deliver gifts for every household.

In Eastern Asia and China, the deer is a symbol of luck. Deer and blessing is often connected. “BLESSING DEER” means both lucky with wealth.

Ancient Taiwan in uncultivated wilderness, There are deers everywhere. The deer are tame and friendly animals. The presence of deer means in harmony with nature on the earth.

Our trademark in Chinese means “BLESSING DEER”, in English we name “DEAR DEER”. We want to be a friend for everybody who pursues happiness, and also aspires to the harmony of nature on the earth.

Agriculture is the economic activity of humans which is closely related to nature. Our efforts are in this area, and hope that these efforts support and enhance technical and exquisite farming. That helps agriculturists to get the best economic harvest.

Also hope in the process of agriculture renewed, we can contribute our effort to make farming close to nature and in harmony with the earth.