CJ series Ground Mulch Film, Woven Weed Restrain Film, Ground Fixer
Silver / Black Film Mulch laid on farmland


Silver / Black Mulch Film for weed restrain, pest prevent, stable temperature, stable moisture, loose soil, soil conservation, resist rainstorm


Color ground mulch film is a guard of farmland and crops. Ground mulch film can prevent growth of weeds. While the mulch film cover on the land can resist heavy rain and help soil conservation under the film.
It can keep the soil in loose shape, and also keep temperature stable, i.e. cooler while in hot weather or warmer in winter.
Also the mulch will keep the soil moisture stable for crop no matter in dry or raining season.
We provide first-grade PE White/Black , Silver/black mulch film, also Black film mulch and Black Woven Mulch.
When to use silver/black or white/black mulch film, the bright (silver or white) side must be laid upward to reflect the sunlit for keeping insects away from plants, the Black side lay downward to block sunlight for restraining weed growth.

As a testing result, it shows that the White/Black mulch can be more effective in driving away insect away from plants than Silver/Black mulch does.

The width, thickness, length of film for different dimension can be customized, specially for for your need. Also, planting hole on the much can be punched for free as long as the order is over 40,000 meters.

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Silver / Black Mulch Film is a plastic film on the farmland laid with silver face up to reflect sunshine to get rid of the insects which hidden under leaves. While the black face is downward to shelter the earth from sunshine, that to prevent growth of weeds. Also the mulch film cover on the land can resist torrential rain and protect the soil under the film.
The soil under this mulch can keep temperature lower while air is hot or keep temperature higher while air is cold.
Under the mulch the moisture of soil is rather suitable for crop no matter in dry season or rain season.
We make White / Black mulch too. That can be dramatically reducing the use of insecticide which greatly benefit to the environment we lived on.

Width Length
60 cm 400 m
75 cm 400 m
90 cm 400 m
1 m 400 m
1.2 m 400 m
1.5 m 400 m
1.8 m 400 m
Safety/Quality Approvals
ISO9001:2015, TÜV Rheinland
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