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Male thread 1/2" with 16mm L nipple

Drip Nipple BJ-521P

1/2" 16mm quick PVC L nipple to connect drip tape main PVC pipe in 1/2" branch of PVC T fittings


This L nipple is one end of diameter 1/2" with the other end of 16 mm, to connect between main pipe and drip tape. It is made of PVC and convenient to connect the 16 mm drip pipe to main pipe with a 1/2" PVC outlet.
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It is convenient to connect in case the main pipe has a 1/2" diameter PVC outlet.
White drip tape has 2 plies of wall. Outer ply is white and inner ply is black. This white drip tape is designed to reduce the temperature of water inside the drip tape. Since black is easy to absorb heat, black drip tape is easy to heat the inside water under the sun. Hot water may hurt crops. Especially for the crops that are more sensitive to high temperatures water. For example strawberries are much need to white drip tapes so that irrigation water can be cooler. In general, after drip irrigation there is some water remaining in drip tape. The remaining water inside drip tape may heated by more than 50∘C. White tape can keep the water temperature low while drip tape is exposure under the sunlight. When the irrigation is restarted, the temperature of the first drop of water will be lower.
one end of diameter 1/2" connect with another end of diameter 16mm connect
Safety/Quality Approvals
ISO9001:2015, TÜV Rheinland
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