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white Drip Tape

White Drip Tape BJ-500W

White drip tape reduce the temperature of water inside the drip tape for drip irrigation


White drip tape has 2 plies of wall. Outer ply is white and inner ply is black. This white drip tape is designed to reduce the temperature of water inside the drip tape. Since black is easy to absorb heat, black drip tape is easy to heat the inside water under the sun. Hot water may hurt crops. Especially for the crops that are more sensitive to high temperatures water. For example strawberries irrigation is much need to white drip tapes so that irrigation water can be cooler. In general, after drip irrigation there is some water remaining in drip tape. The remaining water inside drip tape may heated by more than 50∘C. White tape can keep the water temperature low while drip tape is exposure under the sunlight. When the irrigation is restarted, the temperature of the first drop of water will be lower.
Drip Hose is a hose with a special designed patch attached inside the hose at the outlet of the holes. This structure can reduces the pressure from the hose lead to almost no pressure,and then makes the water comes out from hose drip by drip, (instead of spray out by pressure inside the hose.) This design also keeps the flow rate in a uniformity way.
The biggest benefit of drip irrigation is: saving irrigation water. It also gives the crop a uniform amount of irrigation water. The drip tape or pipe is used for this purpose.
There is a water outlet at every certain distance on the drip irrigation tape. The water outlet has a labyrinth structure in the drip tape to control the water flow. In general, each water outlet flow at water output is less than 3 liters per hour.
The water in each water outlet flows out in dots, damps the ground, and then sinks downward and spreads to the surrounding ground. To choose suitable drip spacing of the outlet holes depends on the spacing of the crops and the amount of irrigation water required. The flow rate from a single outlet per hour multiplied by the average number of outlets per meter is the total amount of water flow per meter per hour.
A good drip irrigation tape has a small difference in the amount of water discharged from each outlet. The shorter the spacing of the outlet holes, the shorter of time to water each other between the holes, and the higher the uniformity of irrigation. But the relative amount of water per meter is greater.
In general, the difference in the amount of water discharged from each outlet hole should be controlled under 20%. No matter the hole is at the front or end of the drip tape.
The working water pressure of the irrigation tape is around 1 kg/cm2. The labyrinth of narrow water channel is designed inside the outlet to limit the water flow. Because the labyrinth water channel is narrow and curved, it is easily blocked by dirt. Therefore, drip irrigation must have a clean water source. And in the drip irrigation system at the inlet of the main water pipe, a filtration system must be installed. If the irrigation water source is very clean, only a disc or mesh filter is enough. The purpose is to filter the dirt in the water. The filtration system needs to be cleaned from time to time. Reduce the clogging of the filtration system itself and prevent the dirt from flowing into the drip irrigation tape. Check the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filtration system to estimate the degree of filter blockage. The filter must disassemble and wash sometimes.
The filtration system only slows down the obstruction of the drip irrigation tape. Finally, the drip tape must be replaced if it is blocked by dirt and mineral crystals in the water. It is usually replaced once a year to avoid no drip at some section from the drip irrigation tape.
We have all the supply of ready-made accessories, a variety of joints, allow farmers to easily deploy the entire drip irrigation system.

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Advantages & benefits of our system:
1.Excellent uniformity
2.Individual inside filter in each dripper.
3.Clogging resistance.
4.Improve not only crop yield & quality but also excellent in disease control.
5.Excellent resistant to chemicals, ultra-violet rays and high pressure.
6.Less soil compaction, drier furrow.
Diameter 16mm, color white
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