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Quick Drip Emitter

Dripper BJ-571

Quick insert drip emitter (dripper) can be used for different pipe to irrigate, PE pipe, PE flat hose, PVC pipe


This drip emitter has center insert-er makes it easy to insert into PE pipe. Its special screw flow channel structure keeps the drip rate stable and uniform between each emitter. This drip emitter is designed to be clogged-proof , but once even it still clog, it is easy to clean the clog, just use the attached small white pin in the packaging bag to pick out the clog, then it will as clean like a new one . This emitters drip flow fate is 0.48 L/H, it's the most water saving drip emitter ever. Very useful to drip ring for (fruit) tree.
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drip rate stable and uniform between each emitter, easy to disassemble and clean.
Safety/Quality Approvals
ISO9001:2015, TÜV Rheinland
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  • Country of Origin : Taiwan
  • Main Export Markets : China, Southeast Asia
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  • Payment Terms : L/C, T/T
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  • Lead Time : 15 Days