Anti-hail net fixing cap for the anti-hail system set up with steel or galvanized iron round pipe

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DEAR DEER DIY Smooth High Fix Cap set at the top of pipe pillar to fix rope and net

Anti Hail Net DIY Round Fixing Cap With Round Top DJ-101A

Anti Hail Net DIY Round Fixing Cap With Round Top

DIY fixing cap This design does not use stainless steel screws to fix the steel ropes on the fixing cap. When fixing the steel ropes, only need to screw the upper cover onto the lower fixing cap tightly. This design of anti-hail net fixing cap has 2 types. The Item No. are DJ-101A and DJ-101B. Specifications are Ø1", Ø1-1/4", Ø1-1/2", Ø2", Ø2-1/2", Ø3". Both of DJ-101A and DJ-101B “high fixing cap” have an upper cover with large-spacing female threads. There are 4 notches on the upper side of the lower fixing cap, which are used to put the steel ropes in a crisscross pattern. Large-spaced male threads are provided on the outer surface of the upper part of the lower fixing cap. The upper cover can be tightened to be combined with the lower fixing cap. Large-spaced threads can easily contain the anti-hail net between the upper covers and lower fixing cap.