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Color ground mulch film is a guard of farmland and crops. Ground mulch film can prevent growth of wild plants. While the mulch film cover on the land can resist torrential rain and help soil conservation under the film.
The soil under the mulch film is loose, also it can keep temperature lower while air is hot or keep temperature higher while air is cold.
Under the mulch the moisture of soil keep rather stable for crop no matter in dry season or rain season.
We provide first-grade PE Silver / Black Film Mulch, Black mulch film and Black Woven Mulch.
To use silver/black mulch film, the silver side of mulch film must to lay upward to reflect sun shine for keeping insects out of plants. Black side lay downward to block sunlight for restraining wild plant growth.
The width, thickness, length can be customized for different crop.
Also We accept customized White / Black mulch too. White / Black mulch can be more effective for insect prevention.