An Jarl enterprise co., ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified factory. Our product series include sprinkler hose (rain pipe, rain tape, micro spray tube) irrigation system farm irrigation sprinklers, flat hoses, flat water hose, flexible pipe, flexible tube, flat garden hoses, soaker hose (soaker tube), micro irrigation jets and emitters etc. We are a manufacturer of many types of irrigation equipment, water hose and watering pipe, T fitting & other fittings for greenhouse farm irrigation system and field irrigation system. Otherwise we have many farm agriculture & horticulture accessories, farm equipment, farm implements, farm parts and farm accessories for farm agriculture useage too. For example silver-black plastic mulch film, tunnel farming films, nursery accessories - seedling trays, agriculture net, cooling & humidifying fog nozzles system etc. Our brand “DEAR DEER” is well-known in many farm agriculture area. Our products are used in many farmlands such as the planting of melons, fruits, vegetables, trees, tea, flowers and so on. Our customers are distributed in Taiwan, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Especially we supply many sprinkler hose for farm irrigation of oil palm nursery these years in Malaysia and Indonesia. Now we add our agriculture & garden implements to a wider range. Besides more products used in open farmland we also supply net house accessories and greenhouse accessories. Also we have hanging sprinkler hoses which can be hung in greenhouse and outdoors for micro irrigation to sprinkle mistily. We produce new items every year, hear from customers and develop the products what they need. We do the best service to our customers, hope we can be a main agriculture & horticulture accessories supplier and an supporter for farm workers all over the world.

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An Jarl Enterprise Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Sprinkler Hose. More than just a manufacturer, we could assist you solve issues of quality, price, availability, application, and more. Because our team is some of the world’s leading Sprinkler Hose, Rain Pipe, Rain Tape, Micro Sprat Tube, Agriculture Equipments experts in delivering customer applications.
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At An Jarl Enterprise Co., Ltd, we have a passion for doing things that are better. We apply the highest level of scientific inquiry and invention to the discovery of new concepts and the development of new products. If you’re unsure of which manufacturer to opt for, then take a look at our range of Sprinkler Hose, Rain Pipe, Rain Tape, Micro Sprat Tube, Agriculture Equipments, offering superb build and sound quality at affordable prices.