Slide Gate Pipe Irrigation System, BF series, for furrow irrigation or flood irrigation

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Crops that require large amounts of water generally use conventional furrow irrigation and flood irrigation. However, because the irrigation water flows directly on the field, the water is continuously absorbed by the soil, resulting in uneven absorption of water at the flow beginning and the end. The area at the flow beginning may have too much water, but at the end may not have enough water. Another disadvantage of conventional furrow irrigation and flood irrigation is the longer irrigation time required. These shortcomings are particularly evident in large areas.
To solve these shortcomings, Slide Gate Pipe Irrigation is a good solution. Slide Gate Pipe Irrigation also said as side inlet or multiple inlet irrigation.
Slide Gate Pipe Irrigation is a simple and convenient method to solve the shortcomings of conventional furrow irrigation and flood irrigation. It can be used for sugarcane, rice, cotton, corn and other crops especially for crops which need large water.
The method is to lay a suitable thick flexible pipe on the field, connect to a pump with large water flow. When water is poured into the pipe till it is about 80%~90% full, put the Slid Gate Hole Puncher into the central hole of Slid Gate Set, and use the Hole Puncher to punch the hole in the pipe. Then continue to push Hole Puncher deepen inside, until the barb section of Slid Gate Set is sent in fixed position. The leading part of the barb section has an annular enlarged barb structure. That can fix Slid Gate Set on the pipe. When the Hole Puncher is withdrawn, the water in the pipe comes out from the central hole in the Slid Gate Set.
In the same way to assemble the Slid Gate Sets at the appropriate positions along the pipe continually. At last there are many outlets along the pipe for watering. The slid gates on the Slid Gate Set can adjust the flow rate of water or shut off. This will water in precise way, increase the uniformity of irrigation, save water more than 20% and reduce the irrigation time.
If we are afraid of that the water pressure is too high may cause the flexible pipe burst. We can use an appropriate size needle to punch some holes along the pipe to relieve the pressure. Then the pipe will not burst due to excessive pressure.

Video: How to set a slide gate irrigation system