Flat Roof Net House Parts, DJ series, to build a mesh house for plant protection from pests, virus and heavy rain

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Flat roof net house is a simple, easy, quick and low cost net house. Its structure is like a big mosquito net on a pillars array.
Flat roof net house can prevent insects while packed by insect prevent net; also reduce direct impaction of heavy rain. In addition, for crop protection flat roof net house is not such complex as greenhouse and cost is much lower.
We know at the hot area in the world net house is much cooler and much breathable than greenhouse. In addition the flat roof net house is the easiest and cheapest


1. Protect plants from pest.
2. It will help to protect the plant from high wind velocity.so that very less damage of branches.
3. Potect fruit from high temp and sunstroke.
4. Net house will increase the fruit quality ,color, and shining ,
5. Due to diffuse light improving the uniform fruit color
6. Posible to harvest in high temp ,minimizes the decolonization of fruit also very less damage of aryls of fruit .
7. Saving of water by 25 %.
8. Off seasonal fruit harvesting will be possible.
9. Very less infestation of Insect and pest.
10. Leaf canopy is superior and improving .
11. Prevent crop from hails ,storms and winds.
12. Add the temperature 3 to 5 degrees inside. That makes the growth of plants faster and get more harvest.

Flat roof net house is a simple, easy, quick and low cost net house. Very helpful farm parts for farming. A precise agriculture equipment, one of our excellent hot sale farm implements, convinient farm agriculture equipment, valuable farm equipment.

Structure of net house.

The steps to construct are ﹕
1. Dig caves on ground, space around 5m each cave, let them composed an array, stand pipe pillars on the caves.

2. The pillars buried in ground at lease 50cm; If necessary, low ending of pillar had better stand on a support disk to keep them not to sink into soft soil.

3. Burry an anchors at the surround for each row and column at lease 1m.

4. Put set caps on the tops of pillars, lay steel wires or ropes vertical and horizontal into the gaps of set caps, closely tightens the lids on the set caps. Steel wires or ropes are pushed across through on the tops caps of pillars till the surrounding pillars (at least 2”) then extend to ground anchor and set them firmly.

5. It had better to fasten with tensioners between wire and hook. Tighten wires can support roof not to droop and make the structure strongly steady on ground.

6. Sewing net to suit area and shape of the net hose framework. Note the net at gateway must be 2 layers of mutual cover.

7. Fold the net into a long strip and lay on the top of pillars array.

8. Spread out the net and make its surround sides to droop down till ground.

9. Fix the down edges of drooping net on ground.

10. Pack a ball in the middle height of the side wall net and fasten the net to ground anchors.

11. The pillars at surround must be bigger than inside pillars to make structure stronger.