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Realize water saving and yields increasing from most common irrigation methods

Flood and furrow irrigation are still the dominant irrigation methods in much of the world. Some crops’ irrigation will remain difficult to replace by other irrigation methods in the foreseeable future. We can effectively use the Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System for a wide range of crops, including rice, sugarcane, cotton, and corn with flood irrigation and furrow irrigation. The Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System saves much water and has an even irrigation compare to direct flood and furrow irrigation. This irrigation system makes it a valuable tool for farmers who cultivate crops with high water needs. The Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System makes farmers can get more yields with less water.

The Benefits of Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System
The Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System is optimizing the way we irrigate crops, especially those that have high water requirements. Let's delve deeper into the advantages and practical aspects of this innovative irrigation method.

Precise Water Distribution
One of the standout features of the Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System is its ability to deliver water with precision. Traditional methods like furrow or flood irrigation often result in uneven water distribution, causing some parts of the field to be waterlogged while others remain parched. With the Slide Gate system, this issue is mitigated, as the slide gates on the tubing are multi-point distributed and they can slide to a suitable position for precise control of the water flow. This not only ensures that each plant receives the right amount of water but also prevents water wastage.

No need to install lateral pipes
Generally, piping systems such as sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation need to install lateral pipes, and the process is relatively complicated. The Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation system only needs to install slide gates, which is relatively simple. It reduces the time and material cost of installing lateral pipes.

Time and Resource Efficiency
In agriculture, time is a precious resource. Conventional irrigation methods can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with extensive agricultural lands. The Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System streamlines the process by enabling a multi-point distributed and controlled flow of water. This not only saves valuable time but also conserves water resources, which is crucial for efficient use of water resources.

Easy Installation
Implementing the Slide Gate system is relatively straightforward. It involves laying thin wall, flexible tubing across the field and connecting it to a high-flow pump. The slide gate sets, equipped with a slide gate with 2 1/2" outlet hole, are set on the tubing using a hole puncher. We can adjust these slide gates to control the water flow or shut it off completely. This simplicity of installation makes it accessible to a wide range of farmers, from small-scale to large-scale operations.

Environmentally Friendly and Low-carbon
With growing concerns about environmental sustainability, the Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System offers an eco-friendly solution. By reducing water wastage and optimizing irrigation, it contributes to water conservation efforts. Moreover, the system's ability to reduce the need for prolonged irrigation periods also conserves energy, making it a greener and lower-carbon choice for agriculture.

In conclusion, the Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System represents a significant advancement in agricultural practices. Its capacity to deliver water precisely, save time, and conserve resources makes it a significant change for modern farming. Whether you're a smallholder farmer looking to improve crop yields or a large-scale agricultural operation seeking more efficient irrigation methods, this system is certainly worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any specific crop types that benefit the most from the Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System?
Yes, crops that require substantial amounts of water, such as sugarcane, rice, cotton, and corn, benefit the most from this system.

2. How durable are the tubing materials used in this system?
Our tubing is thin enough to be punctured by the hole puncher but durable enough for water delivery. It's designed to withstand typical agricultural conditions and should last for a growing season with proper care.

3. Can I retrofit my existing direct flood or furrow irrigation system with the Slide Gate Tubing System?
Yes, in many cases, existing irrigation systems can be upgraded with the Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System.

4. What maintenance is required for this system?
Regular inspection of the tubing and slide gate components is essential to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, it's crucial to check for and address any blockages caused by air pockets.

5. Where can I purchase the necessary components for the Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation System?
You can contact us via mail to inquire about the required components, including the tubing, slide gate sets, and hole puncher. Be sure to measure the diameter size of the tube you need.


Slide Gate Tubing System is a good solution to solve the shortcomings of a furrow or flood irrigation.
Crops that require large amounts of water, generally use conventional furrow irrigation or flood irrigation. However, because the irrigation water flows directly on the field, the water is continuously absorbed by the soil, resulting in uneven absorption of water at the flow beginning and the end. The area at the flow beginning may have too much water, but at the end may not have enough water. Another disadvantage of conventional furrow and flood irrigation is the longer required irrigation time. These shortcomings are particularly evident in large areas.
Slide Gate Tubing Irrigation system is a simple and convenient method to solve conventional furrow and flood irrigation shortcomings. There are only 3 compositions in this system: a thin flat tubing, a slide gate set with a Dia. 2 1/2” hole and a sliding sheet for setting on the tubing, a hole puncher to punch holes on the tubing, and set the slide gates in the same time. It can be used for sugarcane, rice, cotton, corn, and other crops, especially for crops that need large water.
Slide Gate Tubing System begins from lay a suitable thickness of flexible tubing on the field and connecting it to a large flow pump. When water is poured into the tubing till it is about 80%~90% full, put the Slid Gate Hole Puncher into the central hole of Slid Gate Set, and use the Hole Puncher to punch the hole in the tubing. Push Hole Puncher deep inside until the barbed section of Slid Gate Set is sent in a fixed position. The leading part of the barb section has an annular enlarged barb structure. That can fix Slid Gate Set on the tubing. When the Hole Puncher is withdrawn, water in the tubing comes out from the central hole in the Slid Gate Set. The tubing is important. It must be thin for punched by a puncher but still durable enough for water delivery.
In the same way, assemble the Slid Gate Sets at the appropriate positions along the tubing continually. At last, there are many outlets along the tubing for watering. The slid gates on the Slid Gate Set can adjust the flow rate of water or shut off. This will water in a precise way, increase the uniformity of irrigation, save water 30-50%, and reduce the irrigation time.
In the irrigation process we must deal with air pockets in the tubing for air pockets can significantly restrict water flow in all tubing sizes.
To remove air pockets, punch a small round hole in the top of the tubing using a wire flag, a small nail, or a pen/pencil. NEVER USE A KNIFE – the hole will enlarge and rupture the tubing!

How to set a slide gate tubing irrigation system